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Tulip with bulb

At BOLT Amsterdam we consider tulips without a bulb as quite weird. By leaving tulip and bulb together, you enjoy your bouquet for an extra long time!

So experience your bouquet of tulips in a new way, with the tulips with bulbs of BOLT Amsterdam.

Tulip with bulb

Extra long vase life!

The tulips with bulb last for a much longer time. Because of all the food in the bulb, the tulip is more resistant to higher temperatures and any bacteria and fungi in the environment.

Natural filters

The roots of the tulip bulb function as natural filters for the tulip. As a result, only clean water enters the plant, a major reason that the tulips live longer.

Infinite possibilities

With the bulb still attached, a world of new possibilities opens up! Tying, sticking, pricking, nothing is too crazy for these tulips with bulbs. As long as you keep the roots wet in a small layer of water, then the rest of the creativity is up to you!

Bouquet of pink tulips on bulb of BOLT Amsterdam
Red Tulips with bulb

Full of minerals

The tulip bulb is full of food and minerals. That’s why it’s kind of weird to cut the bulb off. By leaving the bulb to it, the tulip can feed the whole vase life. You will see that the flower gets bigger and the color even more intense. The bulb will have a healthier life, so you can enjoy them even longer!

All the facts

Tulpen met bol zijn langer houdtbaar

Longer shelf life

Tulpen op bol zitten vol met mineralen

Full of minerals

Tulpen op bol zien er nog mooier uit

An amazing appearance

Tulpen op bol hebben een stevigere stengel

Sturdy stem

Tulpen met bol ruiken extra lekker

Strong fragrance

Niets gevonden.